// ECAL 1020 RENENS //

During the period of one year, 15 students of the renowned Swiss art and design school ECAL photographed life in the small town of RENENS home of ECAL. The project, a brainchild of ECAL professor and photographer NICOLAS FAURE, captures the great variety of inhabitants and the diversity of life the town represents. The works include portraits of members of the African expat community,  a series on adolescents at the local pool, as well as a run of quiet nocturnal urban still lifes. A town is ever growing, ever changing. The exhibition pictures Renens as it is today and allows the viewer to discover its many faces. 1020 RENENS, on view until March 27 in the basement of the old Cinéma Corso, entrance on rue du Midi, in Renens near Lausanne. The works of ECAL students Iris Andreadis (Industrial Design), and Jacques-Aurélien Brun (Photography), both winners of the PRIX D’ENCOURAGEMENT DE LA VILLA DE RENENS 2014, are on view at l’Espace CJS. In conjunction with the exhibition a catalog was published (1020 RENENS, soft cover, 204 pages, 153 photographs, CHF 30). (Photos ttb: Coline Amos, Jacques-Aurélien Brun) #apozzibility #everythingispozzible #pozzible #obodny #teamobodny #obodnylovesyou #ecal Der Beitrag // ECAL 1020 RENENS // erschien zuerst auf A pozzibility.

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